We are looking for a qualified, experienced photographers,
to join our team and photograph for our clients in Seattle area.

Job Responsibilities

Taking photos of properties/houses

Uploading photos via Dropbox

Be reliable, responsible and punctual

Job Requirements

Be Committed to the job

Excellent customer service

Available 1-3 days a week

Having a flexible schedule is a plus

Have driver’s license and reliable vehicle

Willing to drive 50-100 miles to a property

Meet our equipment requirements

We will handle scheduling, image processing, image deliveries, billing, and other administrative tasks.

Equipment Requirements

1. Own Digital Camera: Capable of Bracketing 3 or more in AEB mode.

Please review Bracketing Capabilities website to confirm that your camera meets the requirements.

2. Own Wide Angle Lens:

Full Frame: at least 17mm wide. Ex: 17-40mm, 16-35mm.

Crop Sensor: camera requires at least 12mm wide. Ex: 10-20mm, 12-24mm.

3. Sturdy Tripod (3 Way Pan/Tilt Head)

4. Laptop/Desktop

5. Smartphone

6. Reliable Internet connection

Certification Requirements

You will be required to complete an onsite assessment/training.


Compensation will be based on your experience.

Are you qualified for this position?